Trib Places in Food Awards; Vitamins, the Silent Killer

• Chicago Tribune photographer William Hogan took second place for this photo at the Association of Food Journalists awards, while its food section overall placed third. The complete list is at Eater. [Eater]

• Hardball at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago: the hotel has dropped tenant China Grill as its room service provider and is trying to reclaim some of its space, so now the restaurant is suing the hotel. [Chicago Business]

• Vitamins, long thought to be if not helpful then at least harmless, have been linked to higher mortality in older women. [BBC]

• Summer weather was tough on the peanut crop, which will force peanut-butter manufacturers to raise prices. Better stock up on Skippy. [WSJ via Pocono Record]

• A new app lets travelers order food from airport restaurants via their iPhones and receive gate-side delivery. Fellow travelers will love you when you bring that tuna salad on the plane. [NRN]

• It seems that when cacao was first exported from South America by Europeans, they didn’t get all the really good stuff. As such, there’s more flavor variety lurking in the jungles of Peru. [NPR]

Trib Places in Food Awards; Vitamins, the Silent Killer