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Tomatoes: Both Being Thrown and Being Protested in L.A. This Week

“I Saw Red” Photo: Puuikibeach via Flickr

Some days, dreams really do come true. Squid Ink lets us know that L.A. will have its own massive tomato fight planned at L.A. County Fairground tomorrow from 12:00 to 9:00 P.M. Is it kind of sick to being smashing produce on one another while people starve? Absolutely. But we’ve been so jealous of España’s Buñol, which has held its annual Tomatina! for so many years, that we might just risk a lifetime of damnation to be there. We can’t imagine the youth of Buñol have to pay $60 to throw fruit at one another, but that’s U.S. capitalism for you, kids! Also, there will be live entertainment and a beer garden to get you amped for the 4:30 P.M. fight (may we suggest a favorite tune?) But what’s happening on the dark side of the tomato this week?

Squid Ink, in more tomato news, reports on a protest brewing on Monrovia, where tomato pickers are urging Trader Joe’s for a one-cent-per-pound increase in the price of tomatoes to benefit the working and lifestyle conditions of Florida’s overworked and under-provided-for tomato pickers. It seems most prominent supermarkets and fast food chains have agreed to the price increase as part of the Fair Food Program, but the mean-old misers at Trader Joe’s disagree with and distrust the whole idea. The protest kicked off at noon and will move to a Huntington Beach Trader Joe’s in the afternoon.

So essentially, we can waste tomatoes by throwing them at each other all day this weekend, but it could very well be Joe’s that’s wearing the fruit on their faces.

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Tomatoes: Both Being Thrown and Being Protested in L.A. This Week