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Todd English Somehow Finds the Time to Share His ‘Trade Secrets’ in a New Cookbook

Speaking his language.
Speaking his language. Photo: Regan

It might seem surprising that English has found the time and energy to pen a cookbook, given his maelstrom of recent legal woes and hometown hatred, but as we’ve discovered, he’s really not your “everyday” chef at all. He’s a one-man PR machine! With that in mind, his new book is still called Cooking in Everyday English: The ABC’s of Great Flavor at Home, and it comes out tomorrow. But will Everyday English translate to the masses? We’re not so sure.

Amazon describes the tome as such:

Todd English, an award-winning chef, famous restaurateur and PBS television personality, shares his trademark flavor formulas for using readily available ingredients and translating them into simple, tantalizing dishes at home. In this innovative yet approachable cookbook, Todd shares his trade secrets on how to create fresh flavor combinations. Each combination is presented in a visual equation that allows for an easy, at-a-glance way of seeing what makes a recipe taste outstanding. At the same time, Cooking in Everyday English is a clear, uncomplicated approach to cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients at home.

Not included in the equation: opening way too many half-baked restaurants + overexposure x bad publicity = potential disaster. On the plus side, the cookbook has an actual launch date.

Cooking in Everyday English [Amazon]
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Todd English Somehow Finds the Time to Share His ‘Trade Secrets’ in