The Pie Hole Serves Carnitas Pie to Downtown, Open Today

A perfect Pie Hole pie
A perfect Pie Hole pie Photo: The Pie Hole via Facebook

Former Eveleigh GM Sean Brennan opened The Pie Hole today in Downtown, across the street from Wurstkuche in The Arts District. Is there anything you don’t already love about that name? Do you think employees will say “time to shut our pie hole” each night? Anyway, we predicted that pie would give cupcakes a run for their frosting back when Simple Things opened, and are happy to see Pie Hole taking the pie craze to an extreme.

In addition to sweet seasonal pies like apple, lemon curd meringue, and peanut butter pretzel, sold by the slice for six dollars and made with local fixin’s, Urban Daddy reports that chef Adrianna Sullivan is also serving six-dollar individual savory pies, “pie-tarts,” chocolate Italian crustada, and whoopie pies, along with Groundwork coffee, affogato, and cafe con panna.

So far, it sounds pretty fun, especially now that PaliHouse put us in a frenzy for a fall full of savory pies. So how about Pie Hole’s mac and cheese pie? Count us in. Carnitas pie with a masa crust? Oh, hellz yeah! See the menu online via PDF.

The Pie Hole, 714 Traction Ave. Downtown. 213-537-0115.

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The Pie Hole Serves Carnitas Pie to Downtown, Open Today