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Day By Day’s Brunch Defines Decadence; Franco’s Pizza Is ‘Highly Affordable’ and ‘Simple Perfection’

• At Medford’s historic Braddock’s Tavern, Adam Erace’s take on the “carpaccio-thin petals of avocado and tomato” is “pretty staid but also pretty classy.” “Sticky sweet-and-tangy” sauced chicken wings were “perfectly crisp,” and he found it “hard to argue the appeal” of the “gooey mac ‘n’ cheese.” The veal Burlington’s “tender medallions veal in a sweet, earthy reduction of port wine suffused with the shiitake mushrooms,” was “a trip back in time,” but in spite of being overcooked, the “novel-thick” pork chop, with its “fruity roasted peach salsa and judicious dabs of goat cheese “ “showed more creativity.” [Courier-Post]

• The “generous coating of cinnamon sugar” on Day By Day’s “mini-muffin/donut hole hybrid” gave its “subtle pumpkin flavor” an “added sweetness to balance the spice.” “Ultra savory yolks” in the potato pancakes benedict complemented the “salty salmon,” and the “undetectable” and “very thin” Hollandaise was “actually a nice change.” Caramel apple stuffed french toast sandwiched with “gooey cream cheese, cinnamon, dried apple, and walnut filling” was the “definition of indulgence.” [Two Eat Philly]

• At Franco’s Pizza in Kensington, Philly Phoodie notes the everything pie is “this crust, highly affordable, simple perfection.” Though the “regular pies” are “another winner,” the “upside down pie,” with its “fresh, sweet, slightly salty with a garlic bite” sauce on top of the cheese, was “true love.” [Philly Phoodie]

Day By Day’s Brunch Defines Decadence; Franco’s Pizza Is