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The Feeding Tube: Ten Important Moments in Food-TV Recipe History
’30 Minute Meals’ helped shape food TV.

Though food TV appears to be moving more and more toward pure entertainment, let’s not forget that its original purpose was to present recipes that could be easily replicated by the home cook. When Julia Child first got in front of cameras in 1962, her simple take on an omelette garnered TV station WGBH 27 pieces of fan mail; home cooks were waking up from two decades of revering processed foods and wanted to spend more time in the kitchen. Over the years, cooking shows have reflected changing trends, from the early days when even French recipes seemed exotic, through the rise of Asian and vegetarian food, all the way to a full embrace of our desire for outright, over-the-top decadence (in other words, Paula Deen is on this list). Over the last 50 years, certain recipes, personalities, and shows have left their mark on the TV-recipe timeline — some because of their sheer popularity, and others because they marked a turning point in what we were cooking at home. Check out these ten seminal TV-cooking moments, and, of course, let us know if there are any recipes you’d include on the list — as long as they aren’t Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake.

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The Feeding Tube: Ten Important Moments in Food-TV Recipe History