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Taylor Lautner Dates Diana Agron at Gjelina; Suge Knight Sups at FreshEast

Teen wolves need love, too
Teen wolves need love, too Photo: Noize Photography via Flickr

It’s Halloween in Hollywood too, even if our celebrity sightings from the past week make it feel like Valentine’s Day, as we shudder to find four stars we wish would go away suddenly at risk of procreating. Westside waves were made as wolf-like-us Taylor Lautner was caught munching on salad aside Glee’s Diana Agron at Gjelina. No one’s sure if the two have actually broken the dawn just yet, offering a glint of hope for mankind that they merely engaged in verbal intercourse over their mutual love of musical theater. Over in West Hollywood, sizzurp-free Cash Money yowler Drake slurped puttanesca with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, cursing us with horrifying visions of their future offspring crawling through our T.V. sets, armed with a record deal and either one of their parents’ voices. Truly ghastly, kiddies! For more spine-tingling tales from this week’s Celebrity Settings, look below…if you dare!

Casa Vega: Donald Faison and his fiancee had lunch last Thursday. They ordered the guacamole, Sonora tacos, and a house margarita. [GS]

Comme Ca: Adam Sandler had lunch with some buddies on Wednesday. We imagine it was a heart-warming and funny romp. [GS]

FreshEast: All-around hard muthafucka’ Marion “Suge” Knight had lunch with his daughters on Thursday and ordered “Melonade.” [GS]

Gjelina: Taylor Lautner and Diana Agron had lunch together in Venice. Who will bite first? [Monsters and Critics]

Gjelina: Reese Witherspoon had lunch here today. We watched. [GS]

Little Door: Miley Cyrus, y’all, Miley Cyrus. [Celebuzz]

Mercato di Vetro: Nicole Scherzinger ate with Lil’ Wayne-Lite Drake before they exited separately. Heatworld says it was a “West Hollywood Italian,” so it has to be this one, right? Hasn’t everyone’s lives been leading up to it? [Heatworld]

STK: Jay Leno and his wife had a date night here last Thursday, rather than break the bank at Jar or Cut. [GS]

STK: Kris Humphries and Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino had bone-in rib eye steak and filet with blue cheese last Thursday, in between their debate regarding Kirkegaard’s views on ethics. [GS]

Tres: Sean Penn and Lionel Richie both ate at the restaurant this past weekend. Unfortunately not together, nor all night long. [GS]

Taylor Lautner Dates Diana Agron at Gjelina; Suge Knight Sups at FreshEast