Taste-Testing Candy Corn; Steve Jobs Had Some Weird Eating Habits

• The Chron Food & Wine section did a taste test of different brands of candy corn, and they say Jelly Belly is the best and has “a nice waxy chew.” [Chron]

• A Q&A; with Bottle Cap bar manager Pete Gowdy, who explains the choice of the name Bottle Cap. [Examiner]

La Victoria Bakery (24th and Alabama) was apparently the scene of a loud, after-hours party Saturday night, involving hipster kids and hundreds of bouncy balls and requiring riot police to break it up. [Mission Mission] Update: The Appeal gets some further info, and two arrests were made. [SF Appeal]

• A federal judge in L.A. is allowing a lawsuit to move forward which was filed by the sugar industry against corn producers which seeks to stop the use of the term “corn sugar.” [AP/HuffPo]

• Some of the most fascinating parts of a biography about Steve Jobs involve his eating habits, which alternated between fasting or subsisting on fruit smoothies much of the time. Another of his favorite foods: apples. [Shelf Life/EW]

• New research suggests that people who crave sweet foods tend to be sweeter in disposition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suggest that slipping your bitchy co-worker a cookie would make her any nicer. [AOL UK]

• Behold some foodie vacations around the world, from Blackberry Farm to India. [WSJ]

• Today is Food Day around the country, with events that celebrate and encourage healthy and sustainable food. [CSPI]

Taste-Testing Candy Corn; Steve Jobs Had Some Weird Eating Habits