Steve Lopez Gets on Harold & Belle’s Case; What Steve Jobs Ate

• Uh-oh, now Harold & Belle’s has L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez on its case over that recent $2.6 million loan it’s getting. [LAT]

• Some of the most fascinating parts of a biography about Steve Jobs involve his eating habits, which alternated between fasting or subsisting on fruit smoothies much of the time. Another of his favorite foods: apples. [Shelf Life/EW]

• A Denny’s in Riverside was the recent site of a NASA sting against a grandma harboring a tiny, though illegal moon rock. We really need to get these guys back into space, STAT! [CBS]

• The Fountain Plaza Mall in Cerritos was all but destroyed by fire that began in a Chinese restaurant yesterday. [NBC]

• It’s the first annual Food Day today. Get your free apple from Border Grill! [LAT]

• Mead, one of the first ways our ancestors enjoyed distorting their realities, is soon poised to have its moment as a top food trend. [Forbes]

• New research suggests that people who crave sweet foods tend to be sweeter in disposition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suggest that slipping your bitchy co-worker a cookie would make her any nicer. [AOL UK]

• Behold some foodie vacations around the world, from Blackberry Farm to India. [WSJ]

• Oh, listeria! We never know just where you’ll pop up next. Today, it appears to be masago and pre-packaged sandwiches are the culprits, the former from Torrance, Ca., the latter from Saint Louis. [Baltimore Sun]

Steve Lopez Gets on Harold & Belle’s Case; What Steve Jobs Ate