Steve Jobs Loved Apples; Nice People Crave Sweets

• Some of the most fascinating parts of a biography about Steve Jobs involve his eating habits, which alternated between fasting or subsisting on fruit smoothies much of the time. Another of his favorite foods: apples. [Shelf Life/EW]

• New research suggests that people who crave sweet foods tend to be sweeter in disposition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suggest that slipping your bitchy co-worker a cookie would make her any nicer. [AOL UK]

• Scandinavian food is hot, hot, hot in NYC, so we hope you like rye bread. [NYP]

• The new Second Avenue Deli just opened, but it’s already looking to expand to the second floor. [DNA Info]

• Behold some foodie vacations around the world, from Blackberry Farm to India. [WSJ]

• Today is Food Day around the country, with events that celebrate and encourage healthy and sustainable food. [CSPI]

Steve Jobs Loved Apples; Nice People Crave Sweets