Vegan Bakeries Getting All Hush-Hush About Being Vegan

“Shh… ixnay on the eganvay.” Photo: Courtesy of Pattycake Bakery

Here’s an item of national concern: People are being hoodwinked into buying vegan baked goods that aren’t explicitly labeled as vegan! We ourselves were fooled recently by an enticing doughnut display at San Francisco’s Ritual Roasters, only to discover once we got home that there was something, um, off about our glazed old-fashioneds. Now The Wall Street Journal writes that vegan bakeries and doughnut shops from Seattle to New York are learning that labels like “dairy-free” and “egg-free,” subtly added to the bottoms of menus, tend to improve sales versus having the word “vegan” emblazoned all over everything.

They note one particular shop in Columbus, Ohio, which opened in 2006 as Pattycake Vegan Bakery but has now changed its name to Pattycake Bakery and removed all direct references to veganism from their marketing. You can see on their website how it’s pretty well buried, and they’re only saying, “We are able to make amazing goodies without the hard work of our animal friends, and so we do.” Owner Jennie Scheinbach quickly learned that “Middle America is turned off by vegans,” so now she’s basically running a down-and-dirty vegan operation, “cheesecakes” and all.

But what of the out-loud-and-proud vegans who find this dissembling totally shameful?! Apparently it’s just good business sense, given the small percentage of the population who are actually 100 percent vegan. Even Bill Clinton, who is basically vegan these days, won’t call himself vegan because he occasionally eats a piece of fish and because sometimes, when traveling, he can’t always be sure what’s been thrown into a dish. But now it’s getting more and more difficult to be sure of what’s being left out, too! We mean, seriously. Vegan doughnuts? Come on.

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Vegan Bakeries Getting All Hush-Hush About Being Vegan