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Saison’s Joshua Skenes Reacts to His Michelin Stars

Joshua Skenes: happy guy.
Joshua Skenes: happy guy. Photo: Mission Local

“It feels great. It’s fantastic,” says chef Joshua Skenes, who yesterday received his second Michelin star for three-year-old Saison, and who earlier this year was honored as one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs. As soon as he received the phone call yesterday, he tells us, he gathered his whole kitchen staff in the dining room saying they needed to have a serious meeting, then he sprayed them all with a bottle of champagne. “I mean, you can’t go star-chasing,” he tells us. “It’s a way of life, being a chef. But having recognition like this is fantastic, because you kill yourself. You work all day every day. And having this kind of validation … I mean, as chefs we’ve all been raised around Michelin, and it means something.” And we’re guessing it’s going to mean good things for business too, before and after the restaurant’s impending move downtown to Jackson Square.

And as Skenes tells Mission Local in this pretty new video, “The goal is flavor, balance, and purity. I think it’s kind of a lifelong pursuit.”

Saison: Two Michelin Stars and the Lifelong Pursuit
[Mission Local]
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Saison’s Joshua Skenes Reacts to His Michelin Stars