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Rejoice! Lemon Basket Gets Cancelled in West Hollywood

A real lemon, like the restaurant
A real lemon, like the restaurant Photo: James Bowe via Flickr

Eater reports that West Hollywood’s Lemon Basket, The Dolce Group restaurant that played a lead role in the pointless reality show Famous Food, where D-list celebrities tried to build a successful business, is finally joining the show in getting itself canceled (Audience: Applaud!). No surprises there, save for the fact it took a full five months before somebody realized what a bad joke the whole idea was to connect the nation’s passion for cooking with its shameful fixation on fame in this manner.

The very public insult to L.A.’s incredible restaurant scene did provide one barrel of laughs, though, when it was temporarily shuttered last month for cockroach infestation (as they say, you lay down with Heidi Montag, you get fleas, or at least a hunk of metal in your food). Unlike LudoBites America, which offered insight into the real workings of a restaurant and the talents of a superb L.A. chef, this was a farce from the start and nothing more. Let’s hope Dolce, if it gets some time from off of the lawsuits, shows a little better sensibility when it replaces Lemon Basket with something else that we’ll never go to.

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Rejoice! Lemon Basket Gets Cancelled in West Hollywood