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Where Should the Sox Eat, If Not Popeye’s?

Soon to be banned from Fenway?
Soon to be banned from Fenway? Photo: istockphoto

The Globe is reporting from the front lines of Chickengate. This just in from Jon Stilianos, owner of the Fenway Popeye’s franchise blamed for feeding the Sox too much fatty fried chicken: “I’d be surprised if John Henry didn’t shoot someone before he allowed another box of Popeyes in that clubhouse.” Yikes!! So, if Popeye’s is banned, or at the very least frowned upon, where should the Sox be allowed to sup? It’s a difficult question, to be sure.

Basho might be the healthiest option near Fenway, although we can’t envision the Sox chowing down on raw fish or manhandling chopsticks before a big game. Eastern Standard is always a solid choice thanks to their wide-ranging menu, but the craft cocktails might prove too tempting for some of the rowdier players. Island Creek Oysters is another safe bet, just as long as they stay away from their Red Beer and avoid getting weighed down by the fried oyster burger. Tiffani Faison’s Sweet Cheeks is probably completely off the table; we doubt that health food will make it onto the menu (but her smoked Delmonico could be a great source of protein!). Meanwhile, India Quality is fantastic, but it also might induce heartburn.

It’s a vexing question to be sure. Let us know where you think the Sox should eat!

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Where Should the Sox Eat, If Not Popeye’s?