Ravenous Crowds Crash the Federal Donuts Website

The elusive Federal Donuts
The elusive Federal Donuts Photo: Michael Persico

In a repeat of what’s been happening since it first opened its doors on Monday, yesterday Federal Donuts ran out of chicken in less than an hour. Via Twitter, the Feds suggested that those salivating for a bite of its crispy and glazed Korean-style birds should check back today. That is provided they haven’t committed “hari-kari in the fryer.” Now it’s looking like the keeping enough donuts and chicken in stock to meet the hungry masses at bay isn’t the only problem related to its overnight success. They also tweeted that their website is down, because it exceeded its host’s monthly traffic limits. They suggested folks looking for information should stay glued to the Federal Donuts feed and Facebook updates. Meanwhile, Foobooz has assembled a guide for where to eat in drink in Pennsport when the Feds is sold out.

Update: The website is once again live.

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Ravenous Crowds Crash the Federal Donuts Website