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President Obama Ordered The Country Boy Combo at Roscoe’s Last Night

Anything to avoid Melanie Griffith's home-cooking
Anything to avoid Melanie Griffith’s home-cooking Photo: MediaJorgeNYC via Flickr

Before sitting down to a $35,800 per-person dinner with Will Smith at the Hancock Park home of a Hollywood producer and a $5,000 fête at the casa of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith last night, President Barack Obama ate a real meal at Roscoe’s. He may be the first person to have helicoptered into a city just to head directly to a waffle house, but the L.A. Times reports that Obama kept it rather real, ordering the #9 Country Boy combo (“three wings with choice of waffle, potato salad, or French fries” for a fiscally responsible $8.40) all by himself at the counter, as amazed patrons rallied for looks, handshakes, and autographs.

The unexpected visit, tailored in Obama’s rolled-up “let’s get to work” sleeves, appeared to pay off, as the won-over crowd chanted “four more years” before he made his exit. The President’s entourage must have been wary of yet another over-priced dinner to come, as they reportedly left Roscoe’s with five takeout containers and an armful of sodas, followed by the Commander-in-Chief himself with a couple of his own doggy bags.

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President Obama Ordered The Country Boy Combo at Roscoe’s Last Night