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Postrio Getting New Life Via Pizza Pop-Ups

Postrio in its heyday.
Postrio in its heyday.

Until such time as Willie Brown can convince Wolfgang Puck that he needs to return and open a new restaurant there, the restaurant still known as Postrio soldiers on inside the Prescott Hotel, despite having staged a grand farewell in 2009 and then getting revived in a more casual vein under a few new chefs. The place will be seeing some fresh activity starting next week with a new weekly “pop-up” (pop-ups are the key to buzz these days, don’t you know), in which new chef Michael Reining will be offering up $10 wood-fired pizzas every Wednesday evening starting October 19.

See the menu below, which includes several starters, and Coppola wines by the glass. Please note, this stuff is available anytime after 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays only.

Wood Fired Pizza
Four Cheese | Tomatoes and Basil | 8
Pepperoni | Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella | 10
Mushroom | Garlic Confit, Fontina and Chives | 10
Chicken Pasilla | Garlic, Fontina and Cilantro | 10

Chicken Wings | Pineapple Habanero, Classic Buffalo or Garlic Parmesan
with Blue Cheese Dip and Veggies | 6
Romaine Heart Salad | Shaved Parmesan, Rye Croutons | 6
Crispy Calamari | Garlic-ginger Dipping Sauce | 6

Alaskan Amber | Draft | 6
Trumer Pilsner | Draft | 6
Stella Artois |6
Anchor Steam | 4
Heineken | 4


Chardonnay | Coppola” Votre Sante’ | Sonoma County ‘09 | 9
Pinot Noir | Coppola” Votre Sante” | Sonoma County ‘09 | 10
Zinfandel | Coppola”Director’s Cut” | Sonoma County ‘08 |11
Cabernet Sauvignon | Coppola”Director’s Cut” | Sonoma County ‘09 | 13

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Postrio Getting New Life Via Pizza Pop-Ups