Does the South End Have Too Many Restaurants?

Sssssh. Photo: istockphoto

Some residents seem to think so. The latest piece of possible evidence? The demise of Pops. The comfy South End hangout has closed after several years in business. We suspected something was up during some cursory Facebook browses (a few Pops fans posted online lamentations), but now Boston Restaurant Talk confirms the sorry truth.

No cause of closure has been confirmed, but there has been speculation that South End residents are growing increasingly wary of too many restaurants and bars. Just a couple of weeks ago, Stella’s Evan Deluty was shot down by community members who resisted his plans for a Latin-themed restaurant in the neighborhood, citing concerns over liquor licensing, trash, rodents, and the like. But Pops had many loyal fans from the neighborhood and beyond, so we’re surprised that they’ve shut their doors so abruptly.

It’s not just late-night haunts that have caught the ire of South Enders: Dunkin’ Donuts is also coming under fire for plans to move to the neighborhood. The Globe quotes one concerned resident, Nancy Downer, as saying that “rodents, trash and quality of life are concerns of ours. We have the highest concentration of restaurants in the neighborhood and we don’t think we can accommodate anymore.”

Isn’t proximity to restaurants (and easy access to coffee at all hours) a prime reason for people to actually live in the city?

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Does the South End Have Too Many Restaurants?