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Pod Introduces New Robata Menu

Chicken Negi robata with Tokyo scallion
Chicken Negi robata with Tokyo scallion Photo: Courtesy Starr Restaurants

Pod, perhaps the most flashy and futuristic vessel in the Starr fleet, just introduced a new menu of robata dishes. If you really need an explanation — seriously, we’re rolling our eyes at you if you do — robata is the traditional Japanese style of cooking, where simply prepared meats, fish and vegetables are cooked over high heat on a special charcoal grill. In keeping with tradition, Pod chef Hugh Moran is searing selections from the new menu sections, and finishing the with with Japanese seasonings, sauces and garnishes. The robata menu is available during lunch and dinner. Keep reading to check it out.

Pod’s Robata Menu:

King Trumpet Mushroom with ginger shiso butter

Short rib with truffle red miso

Corn with citrus butter, togarashi and shiso

Prawns with spiced yuzu butter

Jumbo Asparagus with tare and bonito

Japanese eggplant with niku chicken miso

Chicken with Tokyo scallion

Cauliflower with balsamic teriyaki

King crab with yuzu butter

Pod Introduces New Robata Menu