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Unterman Paints Lovely Picture of Beachside Bar Cafe; Hu Says Pasion Nice Change of Pace; Bauer Continues Fried Chicken Obsession

Beachside Bar Cafe's signature Irish breakfast sandwich.
Beachside Bar Cafe’s signature Irish breakfast sandwich. Photo: Yelp

Patricia Unterman made a visit out to the Judah and 46th Avenue community and found that Beachside Bar Cafe, represents a nice little microcosm of the neighborhood. Beachside’s menu embodies comfort food, serving up day and night its signature Irish breakfast sandwich, featuring black and white puddings moistened with “sliced grilled tomato and an over-easy fried egg with runny yolk.” Also popular items are the Belgian waffles topped with spice-coated fried chicken and the country sausage sandwich. Unterman also notes that Beachside offers a dinner menu featuring four special dinner items that change each week. [SF Examiner]

Meanwhile, in the Inner Sunset, Janny Hu spiced things up at Pasion, which she describes as a nice change of pace for the neighborhood. Representing “the city’s next generation of modern Latin cuisine,” Pasion offers seven types of ceviche, which range from savory to sweet to sour. She warns that the sampler platter is on the small side. She wasn’t so impressed with the paella or the vaca encebollada, but described the duck confit picadillo as “unexpectedly sweet and savory, and, of course, hearty,” and the pescado a lo macho as “scored and deep-fried, then wrapped in a bear hug around a pile of seafood.” [SF Gate]

Rounding up his culinary week in pictures, Michael Bauer details his encounter with the next, best fried chicken at Sausalito’s Plate Shop, which features “all dark meat with a thin, sturdy blanket of seasoned batter” and is served with a German potato salad and “an excellent pimiento and endive slaw that fortunately veers to the savory.” He also had some tacos at Mateo’s Cocina Latina in Healdsburg, where he says he’s still eating his way through the menu. He currently enjoys the lamb carne asada taco. [Inside Scoop]

Unterman Paints Lovely Picture of Beachside Bar Cafe; Hu Says Pasion Nice Change