Happy Birthday

Patina Celebrates 22 Years With All-Star Alumni Dinner

Splichal Photo: Hadley Tomicki

To honor its 22nd birthday, Patina plans to pack its Downtown kitchen full of its former executive chefs, a group of alumni that includes Walter Manzke, Octavio Becerra, Eric Greenspan, David Feau, Michael Otsuka, and Theo Schoenegger, cooking alongside Patina chefs Tony Esnault, Sarah Koechling, and the empire’s founder, Joachim Splichal. The eight chefs will each produce part of a nine-course dinner with options for wine pairings ($199 with wine, $150 without). David Féau will offer his John Dory, Manzke will be on duck duty, and Greenspan will make a grilled cheese.

Just kidding, Greenspan will be working with lobster for the affair, while Becerra will produce a fall terrine. After the dinner, there will be a separate after-party starting at 10:00 P.M. held over oysters and “pigs and pinot.” If the grand dinner is out of your price range, this might be the best bet to come mingle with the chefs, with a cost of $30.

While the full dinner menu his yet to be released, we have a bit of a sketch of which ingredient or dish each chef will be working with, below. So if taking a trip back in time with one of L.A.’s few surviving, and still thriving, fine-dining experiences is up your alley, you can make reservations directly with Patina.

Patina Alumni Dinner
November 2nd, 2011
6:30 P.M. Cocktails
7:15 P.M. Dinner


Joachim Splichal

Michael Otsuka
Porcini and Rabbit

Octavio Becerra
Fall Terrine

Tony Esnault
Vegetable Mosaic

Theo Schoenegger
Egg Ravioli

David Féau
Saint Pierre

Eric Greenspan

Walter Manzke

Sarah Koechling

Patina Celebrates 22 Years With All-Star Alumni Dinner