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Nick Coe Plans Pig Trotters at Senor Fish. Oddest Pop-Up Placement Yet?

A Parisian pig trotter
A Parisian pig trotter Photo: iferneinez via Flickr

In this era of endless pop-up restaurants, we’ve seen some bugged out dishes, quite a few epic chef match-ups, and even some unlikely locations. Now, Squid Ink announces what just might be the most oddly matched combination of casual restaurant and skilled chef in a pop-up that we’re yet to see: Black Cat Bakery’s Nick Coe cooking lamb necks and pig trotters inside of Senor Fish, a Mexican-inspired seafood restaurant in Little Tokyo.

Elina Shatkin explains that the restaurant will be split into two curtained off sections three nights a week, most likely starting on October 27th. Unfortunately, the two sides will not officially be designated “first class” and “coach,” but the 32-seat Nick Coe side will be called “Molonay Tubilderbost” (after a character from a British satirical column called By The Way). Here the chef will prepare cuisine of oh-so-much seasonal stewardship, with the majority of the ruffage coming from the Santa Barbara farm of Shu Takikawa and sustainable butchers Lindy & Grundy providing the meats for dishes like lamb’s neck, short ribs, and trotters that the chef plans to braise and slow-cook in opposition to the molecular movement.

The plan is for Coe to provide an a la carte menu Thursday through Saturday, with the idea that a successful run could lead to a permanent home inside of Senor Fish. So if the place gets packed and starts giving OpenTable a sound thrashing, you’ll always have grilled scallop tacos to turn to.

Molonay Tubilderborst: Nick Coe Pops Up at Senor Fish + Altadena Farmers Market News [Squid Ink]

Nick Coe Plans Pig Trotters at Senor Fish. Oddest Pop-Up Placement Yet?