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Naked Sushi Bar Planned Downtown, Dying for Controversy

Awaiting your moral objections...
Awaiting your moral objections… Photo: deb via Flickr

As you can probably imagine from the name, “AsianModelPalooza” isn’t exactly a sensitive exploration into the glories of ancient Asian cultures or art history. It’s more like one of those porn conventions that regularly pitch their tents in Downtown, only starring talent with names like “Malaysia Blue” and “Jade” Something-or-Other. On November 12th, this highly intellectual proceeding plans to hold a “naked sushi bar” at Deja Vu in Downtown, with three different seatings where guests desperate guys will pay $90-120 to eat sushi off of topless and nude women. We first became aware of this function when organizers tweeted on Sunday, “Huge Controversy erupts over Naked Sushi Event…,” although really, no one seems to care and even a lick of controversy we could not find.

Yes, there appears to be no real controversy reported here, there, or anywhere, except the one organizers are probably hoping for to bring attention to their event. Eating sushi off of nude women, deplored by many as exploitation of females and a misuse of raw fish by sushi lovers, is nothing new to L.A.

Hollywood’s Hakata opened with a naked sushi display and an entire company not-so-creatively named Naked Sushi Entertainment already has the genre on lock-down, while The Art of Sushi will hook anyone up with a model and a little sashimi if they’re looking to bring nyotaimori to their corporate office party.

So sorry, AsianModelPalooza! As much as you’re hoping to scare up some controversy at this thing by throwing some bonito on one “Darling Darla,” you’d be much better off painting a donkey pink or serving a little whale if you want to generate ire amongst this town’s big eaters.

Naked Sushi Bar Planned Downtown, Dying for Controversy