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Occupy Wall Street Also Wants to Occupy Commercial Kitchens; Learn to Make Boozy Pies

East Village: The Mermaid Inn’s three locations are offering a $22 “Blue Plate Special,” including their signature lobster sandwich, a side of Old Bay fries, and a beer. [Grub Street]
Financial District: Protesters at the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstration get hungry, too. Thus, they’re demanding commercial kitchen space, but permanently. This sub-movement is appropriately named the People’s Kitchen. [Eater NY]

Lower East Side: Three Monkeys kicked the bucket in January owing to fire, but taking up its old residence on Ludlow and Rivington Streets in about month is Wolfnights, home of the “upscale wrap.” [Grub Street]
The Fat Radish is a year old now, and is launching a coffee shop and a lunch menu to celebrate. Classic British treats such as deviled Brussels sprouts and six-minute egg are now available. [Grub Street]
Midtown East:The National has a Bloody Mary cart expressly for Sunday brunches, where customers can add their own spices, from jalapeño to beef bouillon. [Grub Street]
Upper East Side: Williamsburg’s Oslo Coffee Roasters is getting a location in Manhattan, at East 75th Street, near York Street and First Avenue, on October 21. Don’t worry, it will still be irresistibly Scandinavian. [Grub Street]
West Village: Perilla, in collaboration with the Blind Tiger Ale House, also has an Oktoberfest menu, effective October 17: five-courses of food from Cheddar beer soup to ginger-sassafras-braised short ribs, and, of course, pumpkin ales and strong libations from Belgium. Cost is $95 a person, minus tax and gratuity. Reservations are required; call 212-929-6868. [Grub Street]
The James Beard Foundation Greens has found a way to educate the general public (for a $65 price tag) on the art of filling your fall pie crusts with apple brandy, bourbon ginger pecan, and pumpkin spice. Looks like it’s going to be a boozy fall season. Hold your spot by calling 1-800-36-BEARD. [Grub Street]
Williamsburg and Elsewhere: Who says oysters have to be served raw? Brooklyn Bowl’s got oyster po’boys, and the Dutch serves oyster sliders. Another interesting option is Mehtaphor’s oysters topped with Pop Rocks. Yup, you read it right. [Metromix NY]
On Thursday, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the All-Clad food truck wraps up its run with Ribeye of the Tiger tacos from Korilla Barbecue; the truck will be parked in front of the Brooklyn Kitchen. [Grub Street]

Occupy Wall Street Also Wants to Occupy Commercial Kitchens; Learn to Make Boozy