Monarch, a New Nightclub, Getting Set to Open on Sixth

They're aiming for less 'ultra-lounge,' more 'steampunk.'
They’re aiming for less ‘ultra-lounge,’ more ‘steampunk.’

More SoMa news: Monarch, a new cocktail lounge/nightclub from a former owner of Triple Crown and a former owner of CAV Wine Bar, is getting close to opening at 101 Sixth Street (at Mission). We first mentioned that the space, formerly known as The Room, had some buyers back in August, but at the time the project still didn’t have a name. Now the project’s owners, Tadd Cortell (founding partner at CAV), Manny Alfarez and Chris Smith (both from the former Triple Crown), have talked some more about the project, which just got its approvals from the Entertainment Commission this month. And it sounds like they want to class up the place with a waistcoat or two!

The intention is for a more civilized vibe than the former tenants in the space, with more of a cocktail focus. But the place is designed as a small club with a dancefloor, and that’s obviously what it will be some of the time.

Tablehopper, however, reported earlier this month that the place would have a “Victorian-meets-steampunk aesthetic” and there would be a happy hour for local office workers featuring well-mixed drinks. Also, the music programming is going to represent a broad spectrum, from jazz to dance music, with some live music as well.

Anyhow, between this, Pearl’s, and AQ, this little section of SoMa is definitely looking up. Look for Monarch to swing open in mid-November.

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Monarch, a New Nightclub, Getting Set to Open on Sixth