Mark Gold Starts Clucking Again at Eva

Gold Photo: Eva

L.A.’s fine-dining chefs appear to share an obsession with fried chicken, from Laurent Quenioux at Vertical Wine Bar to Jeff Cerciello’s Ad Hoc-approved bird at FarmShop. Now Chef Mark Gold is getting back in the game, offering $20 all-you-can-eat fried chicken at Eva every Wednesday night, beginning tomorrow at 6:00 P.M. Gold’s AYCE clucker will be accompanied by some honky-tony sides like creamed corn and mac and cheese, available for five dollars each. Cocktails, priced at ten bucks apiece and crafted by Gabriella Mlynarczyk, should make it all go down smoothly. Reservations are available at 323-634-0700 and you can see Eva’s full Wednesday night food and cocktail menus below.

Eva Restaurant
Wednesday Evening
6:00-10:00 P.M.


All-you-can-eat fried chicken

$5 each

mac + cheese
green beans
crushed potato
creamed corn

$5 each

Gabriella’s cocktails
$10 each

la dolce negra… aquavit/carpana antica/ cynar

the mule… gin or vodka/ginger cane/mint/lemon/soda

flintlock… blended scotch/lapsang/bergamot/orange

norwegian wood… aquavit/dolin blanc/mint/cucumber/fresh/lemon/ginger

ransom note… ransom gin/fernet/dolin blanc/carpana

fair-weather… gin/muddled seasonal fruit/cane syrup

miss bennet… beefeater gin/homemade grenadine/egg white/lemon/mint/saint germaine foam

ol vernon’s grog… sailor jerry’s rum/ginger/lime/marmalade

barrio chinoto… herradura blanco/yuzu/aperol/saint germaine

sinnerman… buffalo trace bourbon/herbsaint/lemon/bergamot

contrary mary… aquavit/cherry tomatoes/yuzu koshu/lime

Mark Gold Starts Clucking Again at Eva