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Lucky Peach Issue Two Drops November 15; iPad App Coming ‘Soon’

Lucky Peach two: even luckier?
Lucky Peach two: even luckier? Photo: McSweeney’s

The “Sweet Spot” issue of Lucky Peach is set to appear “in your mailbox/grocery store/bookstore/pot dealer’s house” on November 15, according to a tweet from the mag, and today we get our first glimpse of the cover. Naturally, for the popular and unconventional new food mag’s sophomore cover, the image is a dead fish, despite the theme ostensibly being sweets? (There’s a non-sequitur tagline at the bottom right corner, via a small cartoon, saying “Kill Fish. Eat Cookies.”) Also, we see Ferran Adrià will say something new about foam; Daniel Patterson will “harvest buds” and teach us to keep our “eyes open”; and Harold McGee will discuss the science of dry-aging. And what about that Lucky Peach app we’ve been promised for so long now? Well, we’re hearing some conflicting stories.

On the one hand, SF Weekly’s Jonathan Kauffman spoke to the McSweeney’s camp the other day and was promised the app would be launching “soon.” But on the other hand, Grub Street has heard rumors both that the thing just isn’t finished yet, and that Apple may have told McSweeney’s to hold off so that the Lucky Peach app can be part of a larger food-app marketing push this fall. But regardless of when it launches, we expect it will be a hit — much like the first issue of the magazine was.

See a larger version of the new cover below, and go here to subscribe. (Issue one is still available here, too.)

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Lucky Peach Issue Two Drops November 15; iPad App Coming