Local Chef or Foodie Sought for ‘Culinary Bachelor’ Show; Oakland Occupiers Didn’t Buy a Lot of Food

• The producers of a new reality dating show are on the hunt for a heterosexual male chef, restaurateur, or “serious foodie” to be cast in a lead role to find the woman of his dreams. The pitch was clearly “It’s Top Chef meets The Bachelor.” [Pilgrim Studios via Examiner]

• Last night’s Occupy Oakland protest did not appear to involve any vandalism of local businesses — unlike 2010’s Mehserle-verdict chaos — but the consensus from restaurants bordering Frank Ogawa Plaza was that the occupiers had “displaced many regular customers.” [SFist, SFGate]

• The WSJ finally notices that chefs are tweeting; it’s not just blogger disses (or, like yesterday, breathless Michelin news), but also photos of what they’re cooking and other details from inside the kitchen. [WSJ]

• There, in the ground, it’s … super broccoli! Scientists have grown a strain of the vegetable that contains three times the usual amount of Glucoraphanin, a chemical that staves off artery-clogging. [ABC News]

• Bill Gates can add a George McGovern Leadership Award to his résumé: the Microsoft billionaire was honored for his work improving farming and fighting hunger. [AlertNet]

• Contrary to widespread belief, living near fast-food joints doesn’t seem to make people fatter. However, living near an excellent Italian bakery is another story. [Reuters]

Local Chef or Foodie Sought for ‘Culinary Bachelor’ Show; Oakland