Little Fish Reels In a New Website and Menu

Little Fish
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We told you that Chadd Jenkins, the chef de cuisine turned chef-owner at Little Fish, was taking a “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” approach to Queen Village BYOB after acquiring it from former boss Mike Stollenwerk. And so far he seems to be sticking to his word. One small, but nonetheless noticeable change for the restaurant is the new website that just launched. And with it comes a new menu, or more of a sampling of what the frequently changing menu might look like upon a visit there this fall. Click her to check out the website, and keep reading to see what Jenkins has in store this season.

Sample Menu: Fall 2011


East: St.Simone, Scorton Creek w/ shallot, sherry vinegar

West: Kusshi, Amai w/ gin, cucumber, finger lime

Hamachi Tartare

scallion, togarashi


miso, foie fras, royal trumpet, tofu


pork belly, eggplant, carrot, peanut, mint


matsutake, pecorino, mushroom jus

Big Eye Tuna

pork shoulder, sticky rice, pineapple, jalapeno


orecchiette, broccoli, bagna cauda


tomato, swiss chard, fregola sarda

Striped Bass

veal breast, fennel, lobster, truffle

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Little Fish Reels In a New Website and Menu