The Fiesta’s Over For La Parilla in Silver Lake

The music's not over in Boyle Heights however...
The music’s not over in Boyle Heights however… Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Today The Eastsider L.A. reports that Silver Lake’s branch of La Parilla has shuttered, putting a noticeable hole in the neighborhood’s Sunset Boulevard drag. Survived by its flagship in Boyle Heights and another location in Mid-Wilshire, La Parilla’s Silver Lake store long struggled to feel as effortlessly joyous as its East L.A. original (even with a Mexican Elvis), pushing us to drive the additional distance to Boyle Heights on those nights when we wanted to show visitors a mixture of mariachi-laced joy in a family-style Mexican restaurant several rungs above the La Cabanas of the city.

Alegria owner Nadine Trujillo tells the blog that Sunset Boulevard restaurants are struggling slightly to stay alive, speaking for local Silver Lake businesses when she says, “We are feeling the economy.” Near by to the former La Parilla, owners of El Cid have taken over nightclub Los Globos to bring hipster-friendly bands to town. So at least music is returning to Sunset, even if restaurants are grasping for air.

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The Fiesta’s Over For La Parilla in Silver Lake