Jerry Brown Frees Food Stamps From Finger Print Scans; The Five Best IPAs

• Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill eliminating the need for food stamp recipients to be finger printed. [SacBee]

• Squid Ink drops five great recommendations for the best IPAs on the market, with Sculpin naturally leading the charge [LAW]

• On his CMT show Top Secret Recipe, Todd Wilbur sniffs out the famous recipes of well-known eateries and tries to duplicate them. Careful who you tangle with, Todd! [NYT]

• Plenty of people are over gefilte fish, so for the Jewish holidays Manischewitz is pushing other products including Moroccan fish balls, like the ones Akasha Richmond showed us how to make. [WSJ]

• Downtown’s new Onyx launched a new Sunday brunch with ricotta pancakes and boozy breakast drinks. [Pop Sugar]

• More on the litigious wife of Pierce Brosnan, who it turns out, bit into a walnut shell in a piece of cheesecake and cracked her tooth at R&D; Kitchen, who she is now suing. [Winnipeg Free Press]

• And now, without further ado, the alphabet in Olde English script made completely from bacon. [Squid Ink]

•A person was robbed at knife point in front of Santa Monica’s Eddie’s Liquor last Tuesday. [SM Mirror]

• A German fashion designer is making clothes out of milk. [Yahoo!]

• The urge to forage for food may in fact be deeply ingrained in humans. [Chicago Tribune]

• Could bánh mì be the next big food trend? If Chipotle can open an Asian concept, then hey, why not? [NRN]

• One expert at the Rodale Institute sums up the truly important reason to buy organic produce: Organic agriculture is sustainable, while conventional is not. [HuffPo]

Jerry Brown Frees Food Stamps From Finger Print Scans; The Five Best IPAs