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Isa Drops Meal Deal Offers After Michael Bauer Debacle

That 'heated patio' is the one Bauer wasn't permitted to sit on.
That ‘heated patio’ is the one Bauer wasn’t permitted to sit on. Photo: Courtesy of Isa

Michael Bauer wrote a follow-up to his story about the unfortunate dining experience he had at Isa using OpenTable’s 1,000-points deal. It turns out there was some miscommunication surrounding the rules and restrictions of the deal, and Isa’s really sorry.

Initially, the waiter who sat Bauer told him that his OpenTable reservation doesn’t allow prix fixe dining or patio seating, but as Bauer explained in his follow-up, OpenTable confirmed that there are no such restrictions involved in the deal.

Additionally, Isa owner Sameera Memon explained that the waiter was confusing the deal with the one offered by Savoyed, which Isa also offers. Needless to say, Isa has dropped both deal offers.

As countless restaurant owners and patrons have learned, such deals simply aren’t worth the headache for either party.

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Isa Drops Meal Deal Offers After Michael Bauer Debacle