Hop Sausages and Beer Caramel Are on the Menu For Southwark’s Fall Harvest Dinner With Sly Fox

Southwark Photo: Southwark

Sure, lots of chefs team up with brewers for beer pairing dinners. But where most will simply come up with a range of dishes that go well with a corresponding selection of beers, Southwark’s Nick Macri will go a step ahead and actually incorporate the ingredients used to brew beer in the dishes he’s serving for the Fall Harvest Dinner he’s co-hosting with Sly Fox’s brewmaster Brian O’Reilly on Tuesday. The first of the prix fix dinner’s four courses will feature what Macri is calling a grilled hop sausage. “I’m sure it’s been done before,” Macri told Grub Street. “We took dried Centennial hops, ground them up and folded it into our pork sausage mixture.”

The addition of beer’s bittering agent brings a noticeable floral and, of course, bitter flavor profile to the pork sausage. Macri said that for last year’s Brewer’s Plate, he served a hoagie that included his housemade, hop-infused salami. “It’s a fun thing to do here and there when we do a beer dinner,” Macri said. “This time we figured we would try it with fresh sausage.”

Along with hops in the sausage, the $45 per person beer dinner will also feature a corn meal and maple cake for dessert that will be served with a caramel made with Sly Fox’s Black Raspberry Reserve. Reservations are still available for the dinner’s single 7 p.m. seating. Check out the full menu below.

First course- Grilled hop sausage with Birchrun hills equinox fondue. Paired with a can of Pikeland Pils

Second course- Apple salad with bitter greens, cocoa glazed pecans and roasted apple and cider vinaigrette. Paired with Incubus

Third course- Griggstown duck legs braised in hay with pumpkin gnocchi and farmhouse cheddar gratin. paired with Chester County bitter

Dessert course- Corn meal and maple cake with black raspberry reserve caramel. Paired with black raspberry reserve

Hop Sausages and Beer Caramel Are on the Menu For Southwark’s Fall Harvest