Heavy Metal Bar The Pound Resurrected in West Oakland

From the Pound's new (or old?) restroom.
From the Pound’s new (or old?) restroom. Photo: via Facebook

Heavy metal fans were pretty crushed when one of the only S.F. venues exclusively devoted to the hardcore scene, The Pound, shuttered in 2006. As of Friday, October 21, The Pound West Oakland officially lives again in a new location that’s just as industrial and remote as its original spot on Pier 96: a warehouse near the base of the Bay Bridge, on the other side of the Bay. Partners Tony Carracci and Cip Cipriano worked out a deal with the owner of Soundwave Studios (2200 Wood Street), and they’ll now be hosting indoor and outdoor shows in the new space as well as family-style BBQs and pizza nights, to encourage people to “hang out.”

Friday’s grand opening featured the bands Comadre, Heart Sounds, Hides, and At Our Heels.

Having battled for years to reopen in San Francisco, only to run up against tons of bureaucracy and to have their lease revoked with no explanation by the Port of S.F., Caracci sounds notably bitter toward the city in an interview with the East Bay Express. Their new logo for The Pound West Oakland, which shows a gorilla crushing the Golden Gate Bridge, may say it all. “[We’re saying]’Heck with you, San Francisco, we’re going to do West Oakland and we’re going to be rocking,’” says Caracci.

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Heavy Metal Bar The Pound Resurrected in West Oakland