Can Food Trucks and Protesters Co-Exist?

Food truck fan?
Food truck fan? Photo: Dan4th/Flickr

As we reported last week, the Greenway Mobile Food Fest was canceled over the weekend for the safety of vendors and Occupy Boston protesters alike. The fest was slated to be held at Dewey Square, which is currently the only place that protesters are allowed to congregate. But what’s good for civil liberties might not be good for food trucks.

The WSJ reports that JP’s BBQsmith Inc. “lost out on roughly $1,000 to $1,500 in anticipated revenue” due to the event’s cancelation. Kickass Cupcakes lost roughly the same amount. And, of course, hopeful attendees lost the chance to consume delicious food-truck fare.

The event has been rescheduled for springtime, by which time things at Dewey Square will have ostensibly mellowed. But we speculate that, with the Journal piece, backlash might grow strong enough (a new protest!) that a replacement event will happen sooner than that. (After all, Menino does love his food trucks, and food trucks are the very small businesses that Occupy Boston supports.)

As everyone now knows, many protesters have been arrested. But we think the only “crime” here is the postponement of the Mobile Food Fest.

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Can Food Trucks and Protesters Co-Exist?