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Ferran Adria and Jose Andres Can’t Remember The Name of Their Favorite L.A. Sushi Spot

Thanks for the great rec, guys...
Thanks for the great rec, guys… Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The good news? Ferran Adria recently told Frank Bruni that the best sushi place in the world is in L.A. (and yes, he’s obviously been to Japan before). The bad news? The guy can’t remember which place it is! The Daily Meal recounts a conversation between the chef and the former New York Times critic, held last weekend during The NYC Wine and Food Festival. During the discussion, Adria said, “There’s a place in Los Angeles that makes the best sushi I know of in the world. I’ve only been once, a reservation is tough. José Andrés has been 20 times…in the past six months.” Pressed on a name, he admits, “I can never remember,” and Andres lamely tweets, “I fotgot [Sic] too,” even though he’s gone 20 times in six months. Good going, guys. Now Angelenos have to figure out what it is for ourselves.

Might it be Urasawa, the golden ring of L.A. sushi aficionados in Beverly Hills? That’s a logical first choice for its refinement, exclusivity, and the renowned artistic mastery of chef Hiro Urasawa. Or could it be N/Naka, where the clever, precise, and soulful procession of dishes can cause one to cry with joy? Niki Nakayama’s imagination, playfulness, and flawless technique would all be a big hit with Adria we think.

Writer Arthur Bovino also wonders if it could be West Hollywood’s Nishimura, which we can’t completely conceive of rivaling Japan’s best. Fortunately, he digs in and digs deeper.

Bovino finally pesters Jose Andres’ assistant to find out that the Spanish chef is rather fond of Keizo Seki’s West L.A. omakase restaurant Sushi Zo, as he’s frequently going there or trying to convince everyone to go there with him. As Zo’s direct, fresh nigiri continues to garner worship locally, we think he just might be onto something, as he tries to unwrap this “culinary riddle wrapped in nori somewhere in between the 101 and the 10.”

What do you think? Any ideas where these two Spanish avant-gardists go to eat sushi that’s better than anything Adria’s had in Japan? Let us know your thoughts and any additional sushi suggestions for Ferran in our comments.

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Ferran Adria is appearing live in San Francisco this Monday to discuss his new cookbook The Family Meal.

Ferran Adria and Jose Andres Can’t Remember The Name of Their Favorite L.A.