Exclusive: First Look Inside AQ Restaurant, Opening Next Week
There is much exposed brick, as promised.

AQ Restaurant, as we’ve reported over the last few months, is about to debut in some previously uncharted restaurant waters in central SoMa, on Mission between Sixth and Seventh. Since Grub Street HQ is right nearby, we have to say we’re personally kind of excited that a trendy-seeming new restaurant with a pedigreed young chef is moving into the ‘hood, and we’ll be getting a bit more of a preview at a media event tomorrow. At the time of this posting the exact opening night is still TBD, but it’s looking like the middle or end of next week. For now, please enjoy a few teaser shots of the exposed-brick interior with its brand new copper bar, and bear in mind this space was never a restaurant before, so there’s been a lot of heavy construction and there’s still a little sawdust around.

AQ - 1085 Mission Street between Sixth and Seventh - Opening around November 3, or so

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There will, as soon as the ABC blesses them, be a full bar and cocktail program, but just wine and beer to start. Sort of a la Bar Agricole, they’re employing antique-style lab stools at the bar.
They’ve stripped the old, industrial space down to the vintage rafters.
… and as we’d heard, there’s lots of brick.
The private dining area, still under construction.
The graffiti’d outer wall, masking the construction, has not yet come down, but it will shortly.
Exclusive: First Look Inside AQ Restaurant, Opening Next Week