Dress Up For Green City Fundraiser Party at Carnivale

Won't you please support these Kinnikinnick tomatoes?
Won’t you please support these Kinnikinnick tomatoes? Photo: Helen Rosner

There’s so much going on at this event that we had trouble writing a headline that didn’t just read like tags. So here’s what it’s all about, we think: 1) The Green City Market Junior Board is having its first annual fundraiser. 2) The biggest part of it is a party called Masquerade del Mercado at Carnivale on Sunday, October 30th from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 3) which will be a costume party, with a best costume contest whose prize is dinner for two at GT Fish & Oyster. 4) One unofficial suggestion that has been made (by Gaper’s Block) is dressing up as your favorite chef. 5) And there will be a raffle at the event with all kinds of great restaurant deals and unique opportunities from Green City Market-supporting chefs 6) as well as an online auction running now right here. Whew!

Now that we have that sorted out, let’s go into the details. Of course, Green City Market is a favorite cause of practically every name chef in town, so take a minute to look over online auction items like a butchering demo and dinner for 10 at The Butcher & Larder, a day of brewing with Jared Rouben at Goose Island, even “an unforgettable dinner for four at Schwa” (start making your own jokes about what that might prove to be).

Then there’s the talent on tap at Carnivale Sunday night, as Carnivale chef Dave Dworshak hosts a lineup including Dale Levitski (Sprout), Mark Steuer (The Bedford), Jared Van Camp (Old Town Social/ Nellcôte), Jason Vincent (Nightwood), Greg Biggers (Café des Architects), Jeffrey Hedin (Leopold), Pat Sheerin (The Signature Room/The Trenchermen) and Justin White (SmallBar), with pastry chefs Tony Galzin (MK) and Elissa Narow (Vie, Perennial Virant). The drink lineup includes mixologists Choo Lipsky (MörSo), Clint Rogers (The Gage/Henri), and Sarah Busen (Tiny Lounge) pouring Death’s Door Liquors, sommelier Jason Wagner (Nellcôte) pouring Tenzing wines, and Jared Rouben of Goose Island pouring Fairytale Pumpkin Ale and Midwest IPA.

Tickets are $65, and if you buy by today, you’ll get ten five tickets for the raffle drawing thrown in. To purchase tickets, go here.

Dress Up For Green City Fundraiser Party at Carnivale