Dante de Magistris Will Host a Sausage Fest

Photo: 451

You heard it here first: Dante’s very own Dante de Magistris will preside over “Sausagefest,” a competitive cook-off at which he and his fellow chefs will whip up an array of delicacies featuring … sausage. The sausage slingers look pretty juicy, too.

Competitors include Coppa’s Jamie Bissonnette, Stella’s Evan Deluty, Storyville’s Louis DiBiccari, Pigalle’s Marc Orfaly, Rattlesnake’s Brian Poe, Sweet Cheeks’ Tiffani Faison, Menton’s Colin Lynch, Catalyst’s William Kovel, Harvest’s Mary Dumont, and OM’s Patricia Yeo.

Tickets are $20; the event happens on dante’s patio on November 20. Winner will be named Sausage King (or, of course, Sausage Queen). Call the restaurant at 617-497-4200 to secure your spot.

Dante de Magistris Will Host a Sausage Fest