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Christina Tosi Has an Interesting Name for Menial Work

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi wasn’t always the pastry savant of the Chang empire. According to an interview in Food Republic (which references the intro to Tosi’s upcoming cookbook), when the pastry chef started, she was “completing payroll, unclogging toilets,” and other less-than-glamorous tasks. Team Momo even had a special name for this work: “tit shit.”

Quoth Tosi:

The editor didn’t want to publish tit shit, but that’s exactly what it fucking was. It’s sort of doing whatever small menial jobs there are. For me, also, I was one of the guys. I was let into this tiny little secret and became the girl that did all the tit shit. Like “You want me to do the payroll this week?” Great! I would work the cash register. “Oh, the ceiling is leaking and the toilet is overflowing?” I’ll call the plumber. I’ll get the snake. That was tit shit.

Consider yourself enlightened.

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Christina Tosi Has an Interesting Name for Menial Work