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Christina Aguilera Goes Pantless at Off Vine; Timberlake Takes Jessica Biel to Angelini Osteria

Look Ma, no pants!
Look Ma, no pants! Photo: DSB via Flickr

Look, we know this is a casual town. You dress to the nines at JiRaffe and some asshead is sitting there in a baseball hat. You keep it classy at Cut and a table of grown-men are dressed like the Justin Bieber Fan Club. Heck, who doesn’t know a tasteless Hollywood restaurateur or two with a penchant for Bedazzled “street wear?” But Christina Aguilera is taking our casual dining dress code to a whole different level by ditching not just shirt sleeves or tails, but her pants. The singer showed her leotards off a lot this week, once at Off Vine and again at Fred Segal. Scary, and still, we’re expected to eat with these people around. Oh well, at least Hillstone’s still has a dress code! So, where else did celebrities eat in L.A. this week? Come take a look.

Angelini Osteria: Justin Timberlake took Jessica Biel to dinner with his family this week. [Ace Showbiz]

The Local Peasant: Chelsea Handler has a Valley recommendation. [PopSugar]

Off Vine: Christina Aguilera stole our move while leaving the Hollywood restaurant. Radar]

SmithHouse: Diane Keaton had dinner with a friend, choosing a bunch of vegetarian side dishes, fries, and red wine. [GS]

STK: Serena Williams ordered an arugula salad and snapper with fries. [GS]

WP24: Ben Affleck kicked it with his brother last Thursday. [GS]

International: John Travolta tried to make a reservation at a KFC in the UK! He was denied, as he should be. [CBS]

Christina Aguilera Goes Pantless at Off Vine; Timberlake Takes Jessica Biel to