Chris Coombs Exposed! As Mushroom-Forager

Groovy, baby.
Groovy, baby. Photo: istockphoto

Are you frightened to eat foraged mushrooms? Many Deuxave customers are, chef Chris Coombs admits to the Globe. “If I were to say on my menu ‘city-foraged mushrooms,’ the amount of people who would think that’s awesome is equal to the amount of people who would be afraid,” he tells the paper.

For what it’s worth, Coombs is a very expert mushroom-forager: He does it four days per week, sometimes unearthing up to 65 pounds of fungus in one haul.

Still, his is a covert operation: The piece notes that his menu is pointedly devoid of any reference to “foraged” shrooms; instead, he opts for “wild.” Very interesting indeed. Don’t worry, though; Coombs “takes pictures of every mushroom he picks and texts them to the experts at Mikuni Wild Harvest, a company that provides Coombs mushrooms in the off-season.”

So, no, you won’t end up on an unplanned ‘shroom trip at your next business dinner. Still, let’s hope his non-hipster, unadventurous contingent of fans don’t happen to unearth article.

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Chris Coombs Exposed! As Mushroom-Forager