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Cat Cora Plays Cut Creator on KCRW

Supercat Photo: Greg in Hollywood

It’s time for another chef to step up to the turntables and play guest DJ for KCRW. So far, we’ve heard Rick Bayless brag about his likeness to Pink Martini, had Kerry Simon disappoint us by not being more into Slayer and Satan, and took the pee out of Jose Andres for being fond of Counting Crows. Now it’s Cat Cora’s turn to spin a few tunes. So, how hard does she rock the party that rocks our bodies?

Cora, a mother to four sons, thankfully skips the Beyonce and Black Eyed Cheese she listens to at home for a group of songs that have meaning in her life. The first two choices very few could possibly find issue with, as Cora launches into Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin and At Last by Etta James, two songs that were played when she wed her wife of twelve years, reminding her that “it just really fit who we were at the moment and still are today.”

We’re a little disappointed there’s no joyous breakouts of Katmandu, China Cat Sunflower, The Cramps’ Faster Pussycat, or Supercat raps to remind us of who she really is, but that’s definitely more our issue than her’s. Cora’s all-time favorite song is Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance and after giving that a spin, she plays Rod Stewart’s You’re in My Heart because it’s the first song she ever sang live in front of people, to which she admits, “it sounded pretty darn good.”

Her final pick is a song called Sunshine, briefly giving us hope she’s a fan of that Roy Ayers song that is kind of like the best song ever. But no, it’s a ballad from an up-and-coming singer that she finds “beautiful,” though it kinda sounds like he’s a buddy getting a big plug on air. Still, Cora certainly has no reason to fear the red pen. Her selections, non-offensive and mom-friendly to be sure, still pass our sound check and both leave unscathed.

Check out Cora’s Guest-DJ Project online via Podcast.

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Cat Cora Plays Cut Creator on KCRW