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Busby’s Beating Suspects Caught in Arizona; Panera Beater Caught Red-Handed

All suspects are currently in custody
All suspects are currently in custody Photo: The.Comedian via Flickr

Another weekend come and gone naturally means another series of strange/scary crime reports from Santa Monica restaurants. Last Friday, two suspects were arrested in the September beating of a jogger outside of Busby’s. Santa Monica Patch reports that after drinking at the sports bar/meat market on September 22nd, Brett Davis and Bryan Hale, two Arizona residents in town on a job with a moving company, came out onto the sidewalk and beat a 45-year-old movie producer with his own weights, seriously injuring the man, possibly for life. The two are being charged with attempted murder. The seaside city also witnessed a horrifying incident recently that no doubt left customers traumatized at a local Panera location.

Santa Monica Daily Mirror reports that police arrested a man on October 7th in the parking lot of the Wilshire Blvd. location of Panera in Santa Monica. The cops were responding to calls from within the restaurant that stated a man seated himself across from a table of women and began masturbating, eventually exposing himself to the horrified table he was staring at the whole time. The 46-year-old was later found inside his car (still masturbating!) and was discovered to be a convicted sex offender. He is currently in custody and denied bail, meaning it may be safe to venture back to the bread maker, though we’d recommend bringing Lysol.

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Busby’s Beating Suspects Caught in Arizona; Panera Beater Caught Red-Handed