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Bricia Lopez Springs Mezcal Bar on Guelaguetza

Or you could always attempt to make your own
Or you could always attempt to make your own Photo: Darij and Ana via Flickr

Bricia Lopez, daughter to the founders of Guelaguetza, is one of L.A.’s most effective ambassadors of mezcal. Sweet, smoky relief at agave-impaired food events often arrives in Lil’ Breezy’s graceful hands, as she unearths a hidden bottle of something epic hidden behind her back. Even if all the mezcal in the world can’t dry our tears over the loss of Lopez’s Pal Cabron, there are still numerous ways to drink in the Mexican spirit in cocktails that highlight both mezcal and the Bricia label at L.A. bars, like Las Perlas and La Descarga. Now Urban Daddy reports that Lopez has opened her very own Mezcal bar inside of Guelaguetza and, even if she’s keeping the best bottles for her inner circle, it still sounds like a refreshing addition to the time-honored Oaxacan venue.

Called The Mezcaleria, the concrete bar opens after 5:00 P.M. in the corner of the restaurant past the central stage (to contradict Urban Daddy, we’d recommend bringing someone you’re tired of talking to. Have they ever heard the full volume of the band here?). From the photo of the bar alone, it looks well, breezy, with Caribbean-accented lattice and what are those, Lakers colors? Nice!

Daddy tells us there are roughly 50 curated mescals on offer, with the lower alcohol ones served in teacups and the stronger variety served in gourds (almost as cool as those Lakers stripes). Best of all, Bricia will be here personally educating drinkers on the different varieties and making recommendations. And just maybe, if you’re nice, breaking the grand reserve out on your butts!

It’s about time the city’s growing embrace of mezcal was satiated with a great showcase for the spirit, at a real Mexican restaurant, from a true aficionado (or maybe you want another biergarten?). It’s even better that the Oaxacan cooking of Guelaguetza is there to help soak it up.

The Mezcaleria, at Guelaguetza, 3014 W. Olympic Blvd. Koreatown.

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Bricia Lopez Springs Mezcal Bar on Guelaguetza