Blogger Who Revealed CPS Lunches, Revealed

Monica Eng, who has done great work at the Tribune exploring just how lousy and unhealthy public school lunches are, has the story today of a blogger who spent the last year documenting and actually eating Chicago Public School lunches. Sarah Wu, a speech pathologist who taught last year at Haugan Elementary near Montrose and Pulaski, started a blog called Fed Up With Lunch in which she photographed her lunch each day and reported on its nutritional content— finding the parade of bagel dogs and popcorn chicken mostly depressing.

Now teaching at a different school (at least for the moment), she decided to go public when she got a book deal (the book came out yesterday) and appeared on Good Morning America yesterday morning. Ironically enough, Eng reports that Wu turned to speech pathology when she got fed up working in the supply chain at Kraft:

“I was tired of picking up the phone to find someone yelling at me because another truckload of hot dogs didn’t arrive on time,” she said. “I realized, this is not why I was put on this earth.”

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Blogger Who Revealed CPS Lunches, Revealed