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Bauer: Park Tavern Could Be ‘the Stars of the 21st Century’

“Every day seems like a birthday at Park Tavern.” Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Michael Bauer, who is quite the Marlowe fan, naturally loves Marlowe’s new North Beach counterpart, Park Tavern (1652 Stockton Street). He describes the menu, which favors American brasserie-tavern flavors, as “innovative but approachable,” and he notes that the location attracts “young, old, artistic and business-minded” alike.

Gushing that owner Anna Weinberg, who understands success and failure, wrote the playbook on how to do everything right when it comes to Park Tavern, Bauer ventures to say that the restaurant could end up being “the Stars of the 21st Century” — a comment that’s sure to bring in longtime San Franciscans in droves. In reference to Park Tavern’s brilliant birthday-cake-of-the-month:

Every day seems like a birthday at Park Tavern. Weinberg has been blessed with Ed Moose’s charm, making everyone feel special. Her passion and desire to make people happy permeate the place, leaving diners wanting to come back.

It left me with Stars in my eyes.

Stand-out dishes include the small whole chicken ($22) – when carved, the slices “fall into a pool of chopped spinach, the top crisp from the oven, with tiny potatoes looking like eggs in grass,” the grilled pork chop ($24) with Italian butter beans and kale, and the New York strip steak ($29) served with a red wine jus and prosciutto butter that “add to the meatiness, and those marvelous fries.”

Bauer also notes that the famous Marlowe burger ($13) is also on the menu, which he still considers the best in the city. All told: three stars.

Park Tavern review: A worthy successor to Moose’s [The Scoop]

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Bauer: Park Tavern Could Be ‘the Stars of the 21st Century’