Andre Guerrero Opens Maximiliano This Friday

Maximiliano's genelli with meatball marinara and reggiano parmesan
Maximiliano’s genelli with meatball marinara and reggiano parmesan Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Andre Guerrero, the fine-dining chef previously behind his own Max/Marche and the menus at BoHo, and still operating Eagle Rock’s popular fast-casual The Oinkster, is currently holding test dinners at his new Highland Park restaurant, Maximiliano, which will grand-open this Friday on York Blvd. The food, Barbara Hansen reports on Squid Ink, is much like the restaurants walls that feature a motif of spaghetti strands. It’s all about the simple, comforting pleasures of carefully tended, straight-forward Italian cooking, relying on ingredients that come from a trusted local grower and showing careful consideration on the homey Italian recipes.

There’s thin-crust pizza with a restrained use of super fresh toppings, house-made pasta with coming assistance from an expert from Southern Italy, salads, burrata, meatballs, an all-Italian wine list, and pan-roasted pork chops, as well as desserts like spumoni and cannoli. Guerrero plans a patio space and will also project Fellini films on the wall on Fridays, planning on Maximiliano being a neighborhood Italian and maybe eventually a bakery to boot. Could it become a family-friendly favorite like Folliero’s, but for the new pizza-savvy generation? Find out this Friday.

Maximiliano, 5930 York Blvd. Highland Park.

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Andre Guerrero Opens Maximiliano This Friday