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A Twelve-Course Meal at Sons & Daughters, Illustrated
A characteristic dish from the Sons & Daughters oeuvre: a farm egg with malt, yeast, and ground cherries.

We haven’t eaten at Sons & Daughters too recently ourselves, so allow us to have the recently unmasked Ulterior Epicure pinch-hit this one for us. The renowned luxe-food blogger has been in San Francisco for the past few days, and his reputation clearly preceded him because he and a friend were served a special twelve-course tasting menu by Sons & Daughters co-chefs Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara.

Check back here tomorrow to see what Mr. Epicure ate while he was at Saison, and while up in Napa at Meadowood — a Michelin three-starred restaurant, which tends to be the echelon of restaurant he gravitates toward most in his travels.

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Chilled tomato soup
Espelette, caviar, puffed rice
Lobster mushroom, haricots verts, white strawberry
Romesco, fennel, quail bush
Malt, yeast, and ground cherry.
Sunflower, salsify, horseradish.
Abalone, green farro, lemon marigolds
To go with the upcoming courses: Chateau Margaux 2006
Olive caramel, umeboshi, purslane.​
Marrow custard, tobacco-onion, hearts on fire sorrel.
Lavender and Lemon
Nasturtium, stone fruit, yarrow.
Huckleberry, banana, jasmine.
Korean mint, coffee, pecan.
Chocolates filled with lemon-verbena caramel.
A Twelve-Course Meal at Sons & Daughters, Illustrated