New Restaurants Fill L.A. Mag’s Food Event, Sunday in Malibu

Location, location, location...
Location, location, location… Photo: ianmalcm via Flickr

This Sunday, Los Angeles magazine is holding its sixth food event, called well, “The Food Event.” The best part, as we told you back in August, is the setting among Malibu’s Saddlerock Ranch, home to Semler and Saddlerock wines, as well as a menagerie of exotic animals (well, not Pablo Escobar exotic, but there are zebras and llamas). There is also a very solid lineup of over 30 restaurants offering tastings, with many of the last year’s new names that you still might not have caught up with yet. Who will be there?

New restaurants appearing alongside vets like Patina, Michael’s, and Rivera include MB Post, Lexington Social House, Sotto, Stella Rossa, The Strand House, Public Kitchen, Onyx, Picca (watch the llamas in case Ricardo Zarate’s team runs out of alpaca), Mezze, and Lukshon, a refreshing change of scene if you’re exasperated from repetitive food events with the same old players.

There will also be a long line of chef and cooking celebrity appearances, with Aida Mollenkamp, a slimmed-down and looking great Rory Herrmann from Bouchon, Brendan Collins, Zarate, and the magazine’s own powerhouse food editrix, Lesley Bargar Suter.

Libations will be provided by a long list of Cali wineries, as well as by Reed’s, Herradura, Karlsson’s Vodka (which we’re currently infusing with feijoa on our shelves), Karma Tequila, Pisco Porton, and the ubiquitous food fest presences of that acai liquor Veev and the taps and free gold-rimmed glasses of Stella/Hoegaarden/Leffe.

But these are just the tip of the ice cube in this three hour tour. The full lineup is online, while $95 tickets, a steal compared to the second mortgage one had to attain to attend most of the L.A. Food & Wine events, are available online.

New Restaurants Fill L.A. Mag’s Food Event, Sunday in Malibu